Volatix Power Markets

Volatix is an app cloud-based service that provides visibility into energy commodity price volatility. The potential users of Volatix app are companies that have significant exposure to energy commodities, such as natural gas, electricity, fuels and feedstocks. Information from Volatix allows these companies to maximize the value of their energy commodity portfolio.

Key Features:

- Real-time: shows hourly High, Hourly Low, Daily High and Low, Monthly High and Low, Yearly High and Low Prices.
- Day Ahead: show high, low prices of point by date
- Alerts: Show alert by setting when the prices increase/decrease in real time

Yard Club

Yard Club is a community of contractors where members can rent idle equipments from fellow contractors securely and safely. That brings benefit to both owners and rentorsof the equipment. With YardClub app, its members can now track, order and respond to requests directly from their mobile phones. YardClub is a proud member of Member of United Contractors.

Key Features:

- View our full equipment catalog and place rental requests
- Earn money on idle equipment by responding to open requests
- See the status, location and messages for active rentals
- Add inspection photos by taking pictures directly from your phone
- Easily extend or call off existing rentals


LiveJournal, established in 1999, is a unique free on-line community with almost 40 million registered members. The social network allows users around the world find each other through journaling and interest-based community. There are more than 16 million journals on various topics like politics, entertainment, fashion, literature, design, etc. LiveJournal App offers core social features to post entries, upload photos, manage friends, communicate with other and many more.

Key features:

- Read Friends page
- Read comments
- Read any journals
- View your Journal posts
- Ability to edit and delete entries
- View cached Friends page and Journal without Internet access
- The ability to load images separately from text in posts
- Ability to create and post a poll
- Create and edit drafts
- Edit your Friends list
- Sort Friends list by type: Journal, Community, RSS
- Ability to edit your tab bar menu
- Ability to refresh data at application start-up
- Ability to disable image-loading when loading posts
- Ability to enable userpics when images are disabled
- Display userpics on your Friends list and personal messages


Vango is a marketplace for independent artists where people can browse and choose art originals at their preferred price points. Vango Art app features original arts at high resolution quality, allows users to discover local artists, to browse personalized recommendations based on the color of their places, to visualize the art scaled to their places (through taking pictures) to see how it looks like.

Key features:

- Browse personalized recommendations based on the colors in your space by taking a photo of your room.
- Discover art from local artists near home or while visiting your favorite destinations.
- Favorite pieces to make your browsing experience more customized.
- Visualize the art scaled to your space to see exactly how the art will look.
- Feel the brush strokes by zooming in with the Retina screen.


TapTax is an mobile platform connecting tax preparers and taxpayers in a seamless process, making filing tax return easier with a real-time interaction, electronic document transfer and autofill tax paper software.

Key Features:

- Chat with tax professionals in real-time.
- Take pictures of tax forms and send to tax professionals safely.
- Sign tax forms electrically from your smart phones
- Conveniently make payments to tax professionals.
- Review tax professionals.


Plume is a flirty messaging app offering unique hundreds of emoji and stickers which depict people of different races, sizes, ages and sexualities. Plume app help spice up user’s text life with discretion and security features that make user smartphone a safer place to flirt.

Key Features:

- PRIVACY: Optional password-access to open the app; photos stored separate from your device’s camera gallery; the option to import selected contacts; the ability to block users from seeing you have the app.
- SECURITY: Encryption; option to not-back up to your cloud storage; a simple user interface to minimize texts sent to the wrong person; automatic log-out after a period of inactivity.
- Color-coded chats so you don’t send a message to the wrong John or Jane
- A Virtual Best Friend to be your “wingman” when you are texting
- A “Boss Button” if someone is about to look over your shoulder
- Beautiful images that show people of different races, sizes, ages, and sexual orientations.
- Fun invites to send to your friends


BridgeAthletic builds high-performance training tools for coaches, trainers, physical therapists, and athletes who strive to achieve their potential. Our mission is to digitize human performance to empower better outcomes in sports, health, & life. As the market leading solution used by coaches and athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS and more, the integrated BridgeAthletic platform leverages the power of technology to revolutionize the way performance programs are created, delivered, and tracked.

Lincoln Stars

Lincoln Stars is a sport app for fans of Lincoln Star Hockey club to have access to amazing deals from the corporate sponsor of the Lincoln stars. The app features daily opportunities to unlock promotions at all local corporate sponsors of the Lincoln Stars hockey club. The promotion will be on a board and also through a fun scratch off style. It will also offer a unique look at the Lincoln Stars hockey players, connectivity through social media and a unique player card game with terrific promotion.

Key Features:

- Login with Facebook account
- See the team list
- Provide match updates
- Access the Players Profile
- Get the match schedules regularly
- Provide the highlights of the matches
Get free estimation