1 Select Clients

We don’t hire thousands of engineers or develop hundreds of applications. We work with selected clients so we can focus on building innovative products that reach the top of app store and scale web applications to serve millions of users.

2 We Become Part Of Your Family

Your Squad is completely dedicated to you. They work with your KPI. They transform your product. They focus on helping you achieve your ambitious goals and vision. They work on your behalf as if your own in-house employees.

3 Direct Communication To Leadership Team

You have a direct line of communication to leadership at all times.

4 Simple, Flexible Contracts

You’re billed on a monthly basis, so you can scale your team as needed.

5 Grow Your Team

Start with a small team and grow over time. Typically, our clients and dedicated Squad teams have long-term working relationships. They often meet in person at either our SiliconPrime office or the clients’ offices, helping strengthen the bond between team members.

Our Leadership Team.

  • Suhail Abidi

    Co-Founder & Former CEO

    Suhail was SiliconPrime’s Co-Founder and Quarterback. Suhail did his Masters in Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business. In his free time, he likes solving and creating puzzles. Currently, Suhail is the CEO and Founder of Tinystep, a parent social networking startup in India funded by BabyCenter. He has spent his entire career in technology and worked as a consultant for the Government of India and the Government of Ethiopia on various technology projects.

    Long Hoang Le

    Chief R&D

    Since 2015, Long has been a PhD student in Computer Science at the Faculty of Informatics of USI (Università della Svizzera italiana), in Lugano, Switzerland, under supervision of professor Fernando Pedone. He focuses on development of scalable, strongly consistent systems.
  • Kelvin Tran


    Kelvin is SiliconPrime’s Chief Technology Officer. He has worked in various technology companies worldwide as a software architect, including single handedly implementing multimillion dollar projects for one of the world’s biggest automobile manufacturers. Trilingual, Kelvin holds a Masters in Computer Science from California State University and Advanced Program Management training from Stanford University.

    Hung Tran


    Residing in Los Angeles, Hung is both a SiliconPrime advisor and CEO of Change Group, a group of developers, designers, and product managers. He received his BS in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Southern California.