InsurTech is an IT outsourcing service specifically designed to help insurance companies leverage data to deliver a better customer experience. Additionally, they offer application design and document management to create a seamless experience for insurance customers.

Media / Entertainment.

New technology impacts the entertainment industry every day. In recent years, the massive changes and developments in tech have entirely changed the industry’s landscape, offering new opportunities for revenue and growth. However, massive adjustments within entertainment have been necessary to keep up with consumer demands. At SiliconPrime, we’re meeting the needs of the entertainment industry with our live-streaming capabilities. The demand for this service has skyrocketed, and we’re working with a variety of companies so they stay relevant.

E-Commerce / Marketplace.

SiliconPrime develops e-commerce and marketplace platforms for clients with brilliant ideas. These platforms are meant to meet customer needs and deliver a fantastic user experience. To name a few, we’ve developed a marketplace platform for Vango Art and Yard Club. Vango Art connects art buyers with artists via mobile app to view and purchase art directly from a device. Yard Club gives construction equipment owners the ability to rent out their unused equipment. Both platforms are entirely unique and the first of their kind.


The energy industry is volatile and subject to unexpected changes. The need for energy software that provides intrinsic value for users grows everyday; SiliconPrime meets that need. In partnership with Volatix, we designed an app that provides energy field data to the energy workforce, increasing communication between the corporate and mobile workforces while providing the necessary data to make sound business decisions.


The auto industry constantly unveils new features and designs that were once thought impossible. For innovation to continue, technology must keep up. We partnered with Honda America to develop dealer management systems that manage all Honda dealers in the United States. We also work with DropIn to provide better online buying experiences for dealership customers.

In addition to automotive software outsourcing service, our team offers scalable enterprise mobility. We build unique systems that optimize logistics and assembly line operations of the OEMs. Our automotive software engineers build reliable backend infrastructures as well as lightweight, intuitive mobile applications for a better user experience.

Financial Services.

Financial institutions are changing the way they do business and serve their customers. Technology solutions have revolutionized key functional areas of finance to better serve people. Changes to electronic trading and portfolio allocation have significantly increased customer satisfaction. SiliconPrime developed a real-time trading platform that manages millions of transactions every second, resulting in faster, easier trading.

Talk more about real-time trading platform with millions of transaction per second.

Big Data.

Big data is a buzzword we often hear. But what do we actually do with big data? Our team at SiliconPrime designs platforms that store and interpret all data. We build customized algorithms so you get the most out of your data.


Sports teams, personal trainers, and athletic programs need customized solutions to track progress. SiliconPrime Squad members create algorithms that react intuitively to progress made. Our experience includes building the Bridge Athletic app to track and train professional athlete performance. Multiple organizations, including the NFL and NBA, use the app.