How We Recruit Our Talent.

Our clients deserve to work with those who deeply care about their work and know what they’re doing. We screen our team members extensively to ensure the best talent is working on your project.

Applicant Screening

Our priority is hiring the best talent available so our clients receive the best service. We recruit year round and seek out only those who studied computer science from the top 3 universities as well as have 4+ years experience working as developers.

Phone Screening

After thoroughly reviewing resumes, we conduct phone interviews to determine if a candidate’s personality fits well with our company culture. We also ask technical questions to test their knowledge and skills.

Face-To-Face Interview

Our team, including our technical architect and product manager, meet in person with the potential hire. Current team members vote on whether or not a candidate is a good fit. The candidate also must complete and pass our programming test, which includes questions related to business, logical thinking, problem solving, iq, r&d, brainstorming, and teamwork.


The last step of the onboarding process is orientation. If hired, each new team member is thoroughly trained about all relevant up-to-date technology, frameworks, product innovation skills, and much more. At SiliconPrime, many of our clients are Silicon Valley startups so it is imperative we, including all new hires, operate at the highest level and fully understand each client’s product and end goal.
While onboarding new employees, we train them with our internal project to teach our unique Squad development methodology.


The last step is integrating new team members with their specific Squad. We continuously monitor Squad members so they always perform at the highest level.

Through code reviews, timeline reviews, and design reviews, we ensure our clients get the best team and product possible.