SiliconPrime designed DriveThrough Groceries for on-the-go people. Born from our own experiences as busy professionals with full schedules, DriveThrough Groceries offers features that other apps and online providers just don’t have when it comes to shopping. Hoping to give people back a little free time, the app takes the chore out of buying groceries with an array of store options.

Convenient Pickup.

You don’t have to make last-minute, fast-food runs after a long day of work or errands. Instead, you can pick up healthy, fresh groceries quickly and conveniently, with on-the-spot exchanges or returns if needed at the best time for you.
  • No more time wasted in crowded aisles and/or waiting in long lines
  • No more waiting for a shopper/delivery person to arrive
  • No expensive membership, contract commitment, or high delivery charges

Mobile App Shopping.

Open the app and choose a favorite store from our list of DriveThrough Groceries partners. Then start shopping for fresh grocery essentials no matter where you are! You can browse, search, shop by category, compare, find exciting new products, and save favorites for future orders.

Easy, Fast,
Convenient Checkout.

Items are added to your Cart with one touch. Easily review your cart before placing your order.

Pickup without leaving your car, and items are returned for you if you don’t like what you chose! Download our app today, and enjoy the convenience of DriveThrough Groceries!