The Challenge.

Ninety percent of all car purchases start online and increasingly come from mobile devices. DropIn Auto recognized an opportunity to connect car buyers with dealers via live video through their devices. They asked us at SiliconPrime to develop an app that makes the car shopping experience easier.

The Solution.

We worked closely with DropIn Auto to build a car-buying app that would be the first of its kind. DropIn Auto connects online customers to dealers via a live video stream. Using this advanced technology customers can now find cars they like with dealers they trust. A few benefits of the app include:

  • Reducing back and forth negotiations
  • Less time spent at the dealership
  • Direct, face-to-face connection
  • Searching car criteria such as make, model, new or used, features, and price ranges
  • Letting buyers see the car while talking to salespersons without signing on
  • Privacy of contact information until buyers are ready to make a purchase
  • Starting the purchase process online saves time at the dealership

How it Works.

We wanted this app to be as simple as possible to use for buyers and dealers. The UX/UI design was built to be intuitive to user needs. This is the process:

  • A buyer shops for a vehicle online or via the DropIn Auto Buying App
  • Customer clicks “Live Stream” on the Vehicle Description Page (VDP)
  • Salesperson accepts the live stream request
  • Customer “directs” salesperson during live stream
  • Salesperson earns trust and sets appointment
  • Customer is sent credit application helping to reduce time spent at dealership

Success of Product.

In addition to offering the most effective, highest-converting, low funnel leads on the market, properly trained sales teams using DropIn Auto convert online leads to sales at an average 30% compared to the 12.9% industry average.

DropIn Auto Dealer.

DropIn Auto works seamlessly with DropIn Auto Dealer, an app we designed to assist customers with the car shopping experience, connecting salespeople to buyers so the selling process is smoother. By using the live video platform, dealers can track which buyers are interested in certain vehicles. They can also take notes about each video call, send credit applications, and be alerted whenever a customer is calling to see a particular vehicle. DropIn Auto Dealer makes it easy to assist customers with their car shopping experience.