The Challenge.

The rise of drone usage was why DropIn Insurance founded DropIn Drone. They saw an opportunity to provide aerial footage of property damage; no one else was satifisying this need in the market. SiliconPrime jumped on board to help develop the product and service.

The Solution.

To meet insurance industry needs, we helped build DropIn Drone. This platform markets on-demand live video streaming services over live feeds to insurance companies for claims processing. This connects insurance companies to P&C companies, general agencies, third-party adjusters, and managed repair networks.

The DropIn Drone application is the insurance industry's first-to-market solution for deploying drones to speed up the process of property underwriting and claims via live video and audio.

The Technology.

To best serve the insurance industry, DropIn’s technology is paired with a crowd-sourced independent contractor network of drone pilots called “Droperators.” Every Droperator is equipped with drones that have high-resolution cameras to remotely inspect and evaluate damage to residential and commercial buildings. The platform enables more precise underwriting risk evaluation, speeds up claim-processing time, and increases damage estimate accuracy.

How DropIn Drone Works.

  • Insurance professionals log into their DropIn Desktop App or their DropIn Drone iOS App on their smartphones to access the platform.
  • The insurance professional enters in the address of the claim.
  • A “Droperator” can accept the request via the DropIn Drone iOS App.
  • When the Droperator App is within 100 feet of the destination, the screen changes to “launch”, letting the operator know to start recording and streaming instantly via drone.
  • The Droperator then communicates with the insurance professional and captures all requested photos and video of the damaged property.

How DropIn Drone Direct Works.

  • Insurance Professionals use either their DropIn Desktop App or DropIn Drone Direct iOS App.
  • The insurance professional enters the phone number of the Field Resource.
  • The Field Resource is notified via SMS on a Smartphone with a code to start streaming using their DropIn Drone Direct iOS App.
  • The Field Resource then enters the code received via SMS to accept the assignment.
  • The Field Resource communicates with the insurance professional and captures all requested photos and video of the damaged property using a drone.