The Challenge.

DropIn wanted a tool that would improve decision-making related to insurance claims, allowing their clients to leverage streamed video and high-resolution photos captured using smartphones or drones to achieve better insights related to auto and property damage.

The Solution.

To address customer needs, we built DropIn’s remote live video inspection platform with multiple access points. These helped serve the insurance industry by connecting P&C companies, general agencies, third-party adjusters, and managed repair networks. The platform enables more precise underwriting risk evaluation, speeds up claim-processing time, and increases damage estimate accuracy, all while reducing indemnity and loss adjustment expenses.

The Technology.

We designed and developed an app that uses cutting-edge technology to guarantee DropIn Insurance works when users need it most. We harnessed the following technologies:

  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • OpenTok - high-quality video call
  • Push notification
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Twilio
  • The tech stack is comprised of an iOS and Android app written in Swift (iOS) and Java (Android) respectively

DropIn Features

Using the DropIn app, insurance professionals can share the address of a claim with a “Droperator.”
Live video streaming of damage begins after the insurance professional sends a code via text message to the Droperator and the drone is within 100 feet of the provided address.
The Droperator communicates with the insurance professional and captures all requested photos and video of the damaged property using a smartphone.

Success of Product.

Using DropIn’s technology on a smartphone, a driver in a car accident can video conference a claims adjuster. The adjuster can also visually apprise the damage in real time from a “Droperator”—DropIn’s term for a contracted smartphone user who sends on-demand video.

The concept reduces the possibility of claims fraud, speeds up the lethargic claims process, and makes filing a claim a less dispiriting experience for policyholders.