The Challenge.

The need to improve the flow of information in fixed income trading inspired the creation of FixtHub. Eager to empower market constituents to extract more value while enjoying increased collaboration, FixtHub needed a software solution to aggregate multiple sources of data, automate workflows, and provide metrics to increase revenue for both dealers and buy-side.

The Solution.

We collaborated with FixtHub to build an intuitive, modern software platform that would extract meaningful data from all the noise.The flexible software finds liquidity in the market no matter how obscure. Quickly deployed without long integrations and IT spent, the result is that users extract value immediately without hurdles. The key features of the product include:

Immediate Value Gain

- Highly flexible web-based platform doesn't require long integrations.

Solution For All Fixed Income

- Functionality, reference, and market data spans Credit, Munis, and MBS.

"Push Technology"

- Our solution scours the market in real-time to “push alerts” to users based on tailored interests.

Access Liquidity

- The platform finds liquidity no matter the source, how hidden, or how briefly it exists.

The Technology.

Because it’s imperative to us and our clients that we use the best technology available, our web developers used the following technologies to build FixtHub:

  • .NET Web API
  • Redis Cache
  • R Language
  • Easy Query
  • JBOSS Wildfly Application Server
  • JMS messaging
  • JAX-RS RESTful service
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • AngularJS and Kendo UI

Success of Product.

Through constant collaboration and feedback, we designed a world-class platform for FixtHub that successfully manages thousands of trades daily for their users. The fixed income traders who are most successful integrate experience and intuition with technology, data, and quantitative analysis. FixtHub makes this process easier for dealers and the buy-side.