The Challenge.

Volatix had a vision for the $12 trillion global energy industry. They recognized a world of dynamic processes, changing markets, and new ideas. They wanted the ability to access massive amounts of data, use cloud resources to dynamically scale and deploy sophisticated analytics to analyze the data, and distribute real-time usable information to mobile devices. SiliconPrime helped them build a product that has impacted one of the largest and most important industries on earth.

Why The Energy Industry Is Changing

To understand Volatix means to understand the energy industry’s recent changes, including:
  • New drilling technologies that creat massive new sources of production of crude oil and natural gas
  • Improved efficiencies in equipment technologies that change electricity consumption profiles
  • Environmental legislation that require emissions and renewables management
  • These disruptive, fundamental changes have inspired new capital investment in energy. Equity and debt investments have created a surge in economic activity focused on energy.

    With these changes, more information is generated every day than ever before. The challenge for market participants is to harness the power of this information and distribute it in a useful manner to manage these industry changes.

The Solution.

How We Connected The Energy Industry

Volatix needed products geared toward increasing efficiency, visibility, and communication between the corporate and mobile workforces. They wanted users to have field data capture capabilities, so we developed a mobile solution for oil and gas, utilities, and terminal operators.

The initial objectives were simple: Build the core technologies, scale the quantity of data, and establish a mobile distribution capability. Using cutting edge technology, our talented developers achieved these objectives.

After creating a solid platform for the power market industry, Volatix expanded their reach to include all sectors of the energy industry, including utilities, oil and gas, and terminal operations. The field data capturing capabilities streamlines processes between a company's mobile and corporate workforces, allowing for mobile solutions and cloud computing for the energy industry.

Success of Product.

Our team worked closely with Volatix to develop the technology that gives thousands of energy professionals across all industries the ability to update systems through field data captures, manage mobile workforce, keep tabs on production by extending company's existing systems, and streamline the way teams access and input data.

Additionally, we brought their concept Power Markets to life. Available in the App store (iOS), Power Markets allows users to view US power markets data that can be seamlessly integrated with company data, all on one app.