Our squad team helps our clients create high-quality products that allow them
to secure long-term contracts and funding.

What is a Squad?

A Squad is a specialized team assigned specifically to you. Made up of individuals who take your idea from concept to final product, squad members have the skills and tools needed to implement design, operations, testing, production, release, and maintenance. A squad may include:

  • Business Analysts
  • Product Manager
  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance Specialists
  • Product UI/UX
  • and more

Our clients deserve to have a talented team working on their projects. Every Squad member understands and knows all aspects of your product as well as his/her respective roles. Think of your squad as an extension of your company—a team that acts and functions as internal team members normally would. Together, you and your squad team work to achieve your company’s goals and produce a high-quality product.

Take a look at this video to better
understand how our Squad will function!

How The Squad Model
Was Developed and Continues To Evolve.


Traditional Task-Based Team

In 2013, we started working with Bridge Athletic to assist with their product releases. Our team, comprised of an iOS Developer, Android Developer, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer, and a Project Manager, was an outside resource for Bridge. Our team and their internal team communicated daily via email, calls, and online meetings.

Our SiliconPrime Squad assisted Bridge Athletic’s app development to fit their product needs and requirements. However, we quickly realized working on a task-by-task basis limited our ability to be creative and provide as much value as we knew we could to Bridge. Naturally, we evolved and changed our approach.

Creative Solutions Team

To fit our client's growing needs, organically we adjusted and remodeled how the creative solutions team operated. Instead of checking off tasks as assigned, the team was encouraged to brainstorm solutions or new ideas. We essentially became part of our client’s in-house team, intimately working with them to problem solve and create. We expanded to include more team members who could contribute to our client’s project’s goals and visions.

Whenever our client needed a new resource, we immediately provided them with the right team member who met their needs and understood their vision and mission, as well as their business objectives. The ability to instantly add members to the team has allowed us to grow with our clients and develop more trusted relationships. Additionally, our client’s management team has visited SiliconPrime’s offices to meet in-person and train them, which in turn promotes communication and collegiality between our teams. This is rarely seen in traditional outsourcing.

The Squad

After years of collaboration with long-standing clients, the Squad model has become what it is today. This model integrates SiliconPrime employees with clients’ employees, allowing for collaboration and continuous communication. We work as a unit to problem solve and meet expectations for product development and maintenance. We aren’t just an outsourcing partner; we become part of your team. The biggest advantage of the Squad model is our developers are as committed to the project as the client’s in-house employees. Taking pride in their work, The Squad offers input for client’s products and management, as well as contributes ideas to their growth roadmap. This includes future collaboration to continue our partnership.

Product development and maintenance requires communicative relationships and a shared vision for a company and product. We assign your own squad that is trained and knowledgeable about your project’s needs and requirements to accomplish this.

The successful partnership with our first client inspired us to apply the Squad Model to our other clients. We have since achieved fantastic project outcomes. We now have several dedicated Squads: DropIn Squad, Volatix Squad, FixtHub Squad, DriveThrough Squad, and more!