Bridge Athletic
Athletic Training Platform
Bridge’s Mission: Digitizing human performance to help athletes train smarter and see better results in sports, health, and life.
Yard Club
Marketplace for Construction Equipment

Recently acquired by Caterpillar, the Yard Club is where members can conveniently and safely rent idle equipment from fellow contractors. The app, designed to benefit both equipment owners and renters, allows members to track, order, and respond to requests directly from their mobile phones.

Acquired by Caterpillar
Vango Art
e-Commerce Marketplace Platform
Vango Art is an experiential online gallery and marketplace that connects buyers to independent artists because art should be accessible and affordable, just as the creators of Vango Art believe. The platform showcases carefully curated collections and independent artists to the world.
DropIn Insurance
Streaming and Video Sharing Platform
DropIn is a live video collaboration platform for the auto and home insurance industries. DropIn gives their clients the ability to leverage video streaming and high-resolution photos captured using smartphones or drones. In doing so, clients achieve better insights into auto and property damage for smarter, enhanced decision-making.
DropIn Auto
Streaming Platform for Auto
DropIn Auto connects online customers to dealers via live video. This exciting streaming platform helps dealers find cars that fit their customers’ lifestyles and budgets. Purchasing a vehicle is a long-term commitment; using this advanced technology enables the customer to make the best purchase.
DropIn Drone
Streaming and Video Sharing Platform
DropIn Drone is a live video collaboration platform designed for the home and property insurance industry. DropIn Drone allows clients to leverage video streaming and high-resolution photos captured using drones to achieve better insights into property damage.
Financial Big Data
Fixthub gives fixed income firms the ability to glean more data to intelligently make decisions and increase profitability. The flexible, modern software finds liquidity in the market no matter how obscure. Quickly deployed without complicated integrations and expensive IT costs, users can extract value immediately without difficulty.
Enterprise platform
Volatix is a mobile app that gives energy professionals the ability to access massive amounts of data, use cloud resources to dynamically scale, deploy sophisticated analytics to analyze data, and distribute real-time, usable information to mobile devices. Volatix is the go-to app for the $12 trillion global energy industry.
DriveThrough Groceries
Fast and Convenient Online Grocery Shopping
DriveThrough Groceries makes shopping for groceries more convenient. This app lets you choose your grocery store, compare prices, and decide when it’s time for pick up. DriveThrough was intended for your modern, busy lifestyle that requires flexibility.
The social network
LiveJournal is a free online global community that connects users virtually with others through journaling. With over 40 million registered members, LiveJournal offers core social features to post entries, upload photos, manage friends, and communicate with others.